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Shiba Park Hotel has renovated the first floor on November 16(Mon.), 2020.

The long-established hotel, founded in 1948

Shiba Park Hotel was established in 1948, and has taken pride in and responsibility for the traditions and culture of this lush region with a historic area. Since its establishment, our hotel has always valued Omotenashi mind to become a hotel that continues to be loved by each and every one of our guests.
With this renewal, the hotel has taken the opportunity to become a library hotel with a book collection centered on the city’s culture, people, and history. History and culture are spun through the ages, leading to a better and richer tomorrow. This is the kind of hotel we are aiming for.

The design concepts of this renewal are “Water”, “Lighting”, and “Green”

In front of the entrance hall, based on the concept of “Water” that brings tranquility, you can hear the gentle sound of a fountain. To the left is the library lounge based on the concept of a fireplace’s “lighting”. On your right is a restaurant based on the concept of relaxing “Green”, with natural light from the atrium and the inside and outside greenery, allowing you to enjoy a high-quality relaxing time.

We are committed to making your stay in Japan both enjoyable and memorable; please feel free to ask our staff any questions. We can even start before you leave home – simply Contact Us with your questions and intentions.

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