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[Event] Setsubun Mame-maki Festival

Join us to the Setsubun event, and pray for happiness in the year!!

Setsubun literally means “the division of seasons” marking the last day of winter. In Japan, “mame-maki” is a custom in which people throw beans at their house to drive evil away.

Hotel staff will introduce the setsubun custom, and escort guests to Zojoji Temple to observe the Setsubun Mame-maki festival.

Setsubun Mame-maki
Festival at Zojoji Temple

Date: February 3 (Mon.), 2020
Time: 10:00 a.m. ~
Place: Meet at Japanese Culture Salon SAKURA (2F, 151 Building)
Fare: Free of charge
Reservation: Reservation required prior to event at Reception
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