Japanese  Culture  Experience - Furoshiki Wrapping Tokyo, Hotel

Shiba Park Hotel,

Furoshiki Wrapping

Fee : 1,000 JPY / Capacity : 6 persons

Furoshiki is a cloth used for wrapping and carrying items.
It was created during the Nara Period and was used mainly to bring items to the bath during the Muromachi Period. This is the reason why “furo” (bath in Japanese) is part of its name.

At the workshop, guests will be instructed on how to wrap various things using furoshiki. The furoshiki can be taken home as a souvenir.

How Furoshiki can be used in daily life・・・
* To bundle things
* Wrapping for a present
* Tying things together
* To transport something securely
* As a bag
* As a tapestry, tablecloth, or bedspread
* As a scarf
* Mask for your face