Books Recommended by the Omotenashi Concierge [November and December] Shiba Park Hotel,

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Books Recommended by the Omotenashi Concierge [November and December]

Books recommended by our Omotenashi Concierges

All Shiba Park Hotel guests are welcome to use the Library Lounge on the first floor.
Omotenashi Concierges recommend books to you from about 500 Japanese and foreign books.
Please enjoy a moment to read books.

<Vol. 13> Books Recommended by the Omotenashi Concierge Mana Yoshihara


Henri Matisse
Editions Anthese

Even though the title is “JAZZ”, the overall theme is memories of Matisse’s trip and the circus that was popular at the time. Matisse, who had been sick since 1940, started to focused on producing paper-cutting as a full-fledged medium of expression. The book includes 20 artworks of his fascinating masterpieces. This book at Shiba Park Hotel is a reprint of 250 copies published exclusively by the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.

<Vol. 14> Books Recommended by the Omotenashi Concierge Emiri Kaneda


David Bailey

David Bailey aspired to be a photographer since he influenced by jazz record covers he loved. He contracted with the world-famous fashion magazine “Vouge” in 1960, and produced 800 pages a year. His successful as a photographer is like a rock star, but he also directed and produced TV commercials and documentaries as well. There are many photos of celebrities in this BIG BOOK (also called SUMO BOOK), as it was said that Bailey could make their careers of actors and musicians who were the unknow at the time.

<Vol. 15> Books Recommended by the Omotenashi Concierge Daishi Miyagi


William Klein
Akio Nagasawa Publishing

This book is masterpiece by photographer William Klein. His work which did not match of camera shake and image blurring was shocking. It was an innovative technique at the time and he had a great influence on the trend of contemporary photography. Confusion and the uneasiness of the people accompanied with the change of the daily life in Tokyo. Photographs in this book may have strange atmosphere but you can surely expand your horizons.

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