Books Recommended by the Omotenashi Concierge [September and October] Shiba Park Hotel,

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Books Recommended by the Omotenashi Concierge [September and October]

Books recommended by our Omotenashi Concierges

All Shiba Park Hotel guests are welcome to use the Library Lounge on the first floor.
Omotenashi Concierges recommend books to you from about 500 Japanese and foreign books.
Please enjoy a moment to read books.

<Vol. 10> Books Recommended by the Omotenashi Concierge Mana Yoshihara
Potziland Records

To be honest, the reason why I chose this book for my monthly recommended book is that I liked this texture of the book cover and the design. The first thing I did was pick up the book and then flip through the pages. Then now, I saw the expression of the child staring at me. Even though there are his many art pieces from rough drafts to framed works drawing different portraits, you suddenly see the movement created by ONE child. This is like flip book, I thought.

<Vol. 11> Books Recommended by the Omotenashi Concierge Emiri Kaneda
The Book With No Pictures
B.J. Novak
Puffin Books (Penguin Random House UK)

I think there are many people who know this book. As the mysterious title of the book, there are absolutely no pictures at all in the book. However, the book has a rule to read – Everything the words says, the person reading the book has to say. It perhaps looks a boring book but as if it takes a magic with keeping the rule. Please do open the first page of the book, I promise you can spend a fantastic time and make your family, friends and colleague smile by reading this book.

<Vol. 12> Books Recommended by the Omotenashi Concierge Daishi Miyagi

Kazuhiko Washio
Writer: Kaho Nashiki
Design: Yuri Suyama
Publisher: SEKI SHOBO

Kazuhiko Washio, who stopped by at Wien Westbahnhof, Austria took some photographs and made a book, so that he must not forget the feelings and encounters he felt when he saw the station yard full of Middle East refugees. The most of photographs are black-and-white, and the feelings of sadness is more conveyed. A family lined up with a tense look, a girl smiling with a tired face, a disappointed man in front of a bulletin board, and the people in the photographs tell us that the world we think is far away actually exists in real life. It is a book that makes you aware of the happiness of being able to live freely.

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