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Books Recommended by the Omotenashi Concierge [May and June]

Books recommended by our Omotenashi Concieges

All Shiba Park Hotel guests are welcome to use the Library Lounge on the first floor.
Omotenashi Concierges recommend books to you from about 500 Japanese and foreign books.
Please enjoy a moment to read books.

<Vol. 4> Books Recommended by the Omotenashi Concierge Mana Yoshihara
“Convenience Store Woman”
Sayaka Murata / Granta

The story is about a 36-year-old single woman working part-time at a convenience store. Keiko, the main character of book, was a child with a slightly different sensibility in her childhood, and even now as an adult. She has been working part-time at the same convenience store for 18 years.
At first glance, it seems that Keiko is living a mediocre and boring life, but she finds it rewarding to work even in ordinary everyday life, and she reminds us that if we put ourselves in an environment that is appropriate for us, we can be happy enough.

コンビニ人間帯付 書影データ


<Vol. 5> Books Recommended by the Omotenashi Concierge Emiri Kaneda
”Kimono Design: An Introduction to its Patterns and Background”
Keiko Nitanai / SEIBUNDO SHINKOSHA publishing

Kimono is a traditional Japanese costume that has been passed down from long ago to the present. Kimonos that instantly make the atmosphere of the place gorgeous are now popular overseas, and even some people come to Japan to buy kimonos. This book introduces kimonos along the four seasons of Japan, and explains not only the colors and patterns, but also the history and Japanese poems of those days. This book is like a picture book that makes you fascinated by the photos of beautiful kimonos every time you turn the page. I recommend this book for those who like kimonos and have knowledge, those who wear it only once a year, and those who want to visually enjoy the seasonal flowers.

着物の文様とその見方 書影データ


<Vol. 6> Books Recommended by the Omotenashi Concierge Daishi Miyagi
“A Brief History of Robo sapiens”Toranosuke Shimad / Kodansha Ltd.

The theme of this manga is the world where robots have come to live like humans and coexist with humankind. The buildings in the background have a very unique design with no speech bubbles even though it is a cartoon with the purpose drawn in letters. The explanation is omitted, and the story goes on as if the story were left to the reader’s understanding. It’s a work that makes you want to talk with someone after reading what this comic artist wanted to convey and how much you understand this manga.

ロボ・サピエンス前史(上)書影データ ロボ・サピエンス前史(下)書影データ

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