Books Recommended by the Omotenashi Concierge [March and April] Shiba Park Hotel,

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Books Recommended by the Omotenashi Concierge [March and April]

Books recommended by our Omotenashi Concieges

All Shiba Park Hotel guests are welcome to use the Library Lounge on the first floor.
Omotenashi Concierges recommend books to you from about 500 Japanese and foreign books.
Please enjoy a moment to read books.

<Vol. 1> Books Recommended by the Omotenashi Concierge Mana Yoshihara
“It might be an apple” Shinsuke Yoshitake
Thames&Hudson / Bronze Publishing Inc.

You might know this book writer with outstanding talent, Shinsuke Yoshitake. This book is his first work and it became a big hit.
A magnificent world of mysterious ideas and imagination that unfolds from one small question. It is amazing that one apple can spread the story so much! This book, which embodies the possibilities of not being an apple, can be enjoyed reading by anyone of any age.
When you get stuck in something, enjoying this book may give you abandoned stereotypes and reveal what you could not see.



<Vol. 2> Books Recommended by the Omotenashi Concierge Emiri Kaneda
ONIGIRI 365 wonderful recipes! Chikako Sato / Hirofumi Maze/ Newsline Co., Ltd

I was fascinated these colorful Onigiri of the front cover.
A bento, picnic, events and snacks – Onigiri is ingrained in Japanese food culture.
There are 365 recipes with photos in this book.
I am sure the ingredient combinations will give you the excitement.
My recommended recipe is “salmon × lettuce” !
Why don’t you find your favorite Onigiri?



<Vol. 3> Books Recommended by the Omotenashi Concierge Daishi Miyagi
“TOKYO POP-UP BOOK ~ A comic adventure with NEKO the cat”SAM iTA / Tuttle Publishing

This book is drawn by an American picture book writer, Mr. SAM iTA.
The book depicting many Tokyo attractions and Japanese culture. It is like packed with the Tokyo that foreigners envision. Although the sights and everyday life in the book should be faithfully drawn, there is a sense of incongruity that is not something of Japan.
Why don’t you read this book and experience these mysterious feelings?



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