BAR THE FIFTEEN’S × SAKURA Collaboration: Cocktails dress in Mizuhiki Shiba Park Hotel,

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BAR THE FIFTEEN’S × SAKURA Collaboration: Cocktails dress in Mizuhiki

For the duration of the Rugby World Cup 2019, which is being held in Japan this year, BAR THE FIFTEEN’S in collaboration with Japanese Culture Salon SAKURA will be serving cocktails adorned with decorative “mizuhiki” cords.

All cocktails ordered will come in glasses adorned with a “mizuhiki” cord or small “origami” decoration so a splendid Japanese atmosphere can be enjoyed. The Japanese decorations can then be taken home and used as brooches or bookmarks.

We want our customers from all over the world to feel elegant while enjoying our cocktails.
Please do come and enjoy a beautiful cocktail adorned with a traditional Japanese “mizuhiki” decoration.


You can also experience making “mizuhiki” cords at Japanese Culture Salon SAKURA.
Click here for Mizuhiki Workshop details

[Blog] What is Mizuhiki? – A traditional Japanese craft that embodies the spirit of giving. –


BAR THE FIFTEEN’S × Japanese Culture Salon SAKURA:
Cocktails dress in Mizuhiki

Date: September 2 (Mon.) – November 1 (Fri.), 2019
Place: BAR THE FIFTEEN’S (Annex Building 1F)
Open Day: Monday to Friday (Closed Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays)
Open Hours: 5:00 – 11:30 P.M. (L.O. 11:00 P.M.)

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