【November 16(Mon.), 2020】 Grand floor will be renewal opened Shiba Park Hotel,

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【November 16(Mon.), 2020】 Grand floor will be renewal opened

Ground floor of Shiba Park Hotel will be renovated and open as our reception and restaurant area on November 16 (Mon.), 2020.

〇Design that harmonizes with tradition and local history
Since 1948, we have been proud and responsible for the local traditions and culture in the lushly green and historic place.

Since our founding, we have always valued “OMOTENASHI” (heart of hospitality), aiming to be loved continuously by each and every guest. Therefore, the new design, incorporating the spirit of “OMOTENASHI” which we have kept traditionally and “functionality” of new technologies, is aimed to offer a space with a fusion and coexistence of good old atmosphere and fresh elements.

〇Design concept is “Water”, “Lighting”, and “Green”

Guests are welcomed at the entrance hall, which is designed under the concept of “Water” that will bring comfort to the atmosphere. On the left is a lounge with a fireplace for the house guest only, designed under the concept of “Lighting.”
Check in/out is also available at the reception area located further back of this lounge. On the right is a new-style dining area designed under the concept of “Green”. Guests can enjoy relaxing time with natural light from the atrium and greeneries placed indoors and outdoors of this area.

We will do our best to become a hotel that is loved by guests more than ever.